Hazmat is considered dangerous substances that could pollute the air, spill and damage other items or explode. But most of these items (e.g. Lithium, liquid, corrosives etc) are shipped by EVD where they are grouped (accordingly) and shipped, after being carefully secured and packaged, on particular days only. You would need to indicate if your items are hazmat and process such for shipping.


E.g., dry ice, lithium ion batteries, ammonium nitrate fertilizers, vehicles and first aid kits.

E.g., Acids, batteries, fuel cell cartridges, dyes, paints and sulphides.

E.g., Aerosols, compressed air, fire extinguishers, lighters, natural gas, methane and other gases

E.g., Paints, alcohol, gasoline, kerosene and ethanol.

E.g., Metal powders, matches, carbon, oily fabrics and phosphorus

E.g., Chemical oxygen generators, chlorates, nitrates and hydrogen peroxide

E.g., Medical waste, dyes, acids and carbamate pesticides, which can contain disease-spreading pathogens

E.g., Medical isotopes, yellowcake, density gauges and mixed fission products.

E.g., Explosives include ammunition, fireworks, flares, primers, igniters and air bag inflators.

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