About Us

Exceptional Value Delivery employs a far-reaching global network that stretches across six continents, and includes the largest distribution network and hub operations in Nigeria and African region.
Our core business encompasses integrated logistics, international freight forwarding, express and supply chain management solutions. Our expertise extends from handling light and complex cargoes in all sectors (oil and gas, manufacturing, telecoms, mining, FMCG, etc) of global economy.

As an asset-based organization, we offer our customers considerable reliability and flexibility in supporting their continuing growth and expansion in Nigeria and beyond.

Our solution-based mindset and can-do attitude can be found in each and every one of our professional employees and partners across the globe.

With world-class assets, industry experts and award winning IT systems and process, we deliver your shipment faster and more cost-effective than anyone else.

Our Vision

To be the leading West African based integrated logistics service provider.

Our Mission

To deliver world class logistics solutions and partner with our clients to meet and exceed their organization short and long-term goals.

Our Core Values

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Our Philosophy


Exceptional Value Delivery adheres to a philosophy of unyielding commitment in adding value to our employee, client and stakeholder experience.

We are deeply vested in your success in both the region, and the larger global environment. We understand the uniqueness of the market, particularly that of Nigeria. Our expertise extends beyond the mechanics of logistics, and far into the diverse business and cultural nuances that effect smooth and seamless transportation of goods.

When you partner with us, you partner with a powerful network designed to help successfully drive your business at the global, regional and local level. As our core is a commitment to provide real value for our employees, clients and shareholders through innovative solutions, rewarding careers and financial growth. This is our promise to you, and to each other, from the front office to the front lines and everywhere in between.