Fill a box is a shipping option designed for businesses and individuals who:

  • want to reduce shipping cost per item/package
  • are not in a hurry to have their items shipped,
  • are taking their time to source for products from different online stores.

You can shop for ALL your items through online stores, have them delivered to our warehouse address where they will be placed into a box marked with your ID Number. You will have 30 days free warehouse storage for you to complete all your purchase.
This helps you save money on shipping cost by a substantial percentage. It guarantees that none of your items will be misplaced and will be delivered in safe conditions.

Why you should use our ‘Fill a Box’ service?

  • It helps you save a lot more on shipping fee as all items are converted into one shipment.

  • It allows you take time to shop for varieties of your desired items.

  • We give you free 30 days storage at our warehouse while you shop and fill your box!

With the right boxes ready to go, your personal and/or business shopping can successfully meet its shipping and packaging needs, while providing safe and secure delivery. Take time to assess the shipping box sizes listed below and purchase the one that fits your shipping needs—it promises to be an ideal outcome for you!

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